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By Sarah Oyedo

drunkBanging headache, lingering nausea and wobbly feet. Yep, you have a hangover.

Though scientists haven’t been able to ascertain what exactly causes a hangover, but researchers suggest that impurities produced when alcohol is distilled can make you nauseous. And the sweeter the drink, the higher the impurities, thus malt liquors and sweet red wine are particularly toxic. Hangovers not only make you sometimes fear you’re coming down with something serious, it also kinda ruins the great experience from the night before. Having to nurse a blinding headache whilst feeling wretched is not a fun way of spending the rest of your weekend now, eh?

The only certain way to avoid a hangover; don’t drink. And…save for teetotalers, we know just how effective that can be *wink*

So in the meantime, try these simple and natural ways to tackle the nausea and malaise that come the day after.


1 Eat A Good Breakfast: electrolytes in food helps to replenish a dehydrated system and get helpful calories back into your body. But try to eat easy-to-digest meals like toasts and cereals as heavy or greasy food may go on to increase nausea.

2 Drink Water: it is of the imperative to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol. If you forgot to drink glasses of water between your beers or cocktails and you wake up feeling groggy, then you should drink up the morning after to your flush system of impurities.

3 Fruit Juice: fructose in sweet drinks gives the body some instant energy and the juice also contains vitamins and plenty of water to help rehydrate and rejuvenate the body. So pour that cranberry juice and drink up.

4 Eat A Ginger: for your natural herbal cure, look no further. Studies show that ginger contains elements that help combat nausea and even motion sickness. Find a small piece of ginger and nibble away or pour the powdered version in a cup and make a hot brew drink

5 Go Back To Bed: it takes a period of 12-24hrs for the effects of a hangover to completely clear off your system so rest as much as possible to regain back your strength.

I sure hope these help… happy weekend-ing.

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