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By Alexandra Bazuaye

Considering the numerous economic challenges currently being encountered, it is safe to say that Nigeria’s business climate is seemingly unfavourable for growth. However, the fault lies in what you do to grow your enterprise more often than not. Here are some helpful tips to guide you along your journey:


Develop a Plan, Stick to It: Nothing ever works for good without a plan. Try to develop a plan that includes practical strategies that will see your enterprise through to accomplishing its goals. But it’s never enough to just have a plan, you must learn to stick to it so you do not risk missing your goals.

Track your Progress: You must ensure to keep track of performance while running a small or medium scale enterprise. Set targets and benchmarks that you must try to exceed or at least meet up with. This helps to know how much needs to be done, as well as helps you draw closer to your goal at any given time.

Expand your Network: Go out of your comfort zone to meet people and introduce your business. Learn to invest time in growing your network as it is very vital to the success of your enterprise. Networking has a multitude of advantages and even more, building relationships

Use Social Media to your Advantage: Actively utilizing social media is something you do not want to miss out on. Social media significantly helps to build up your business profile, as well aids in attracting potential customers. Your products, your methods, your results can all be strategically displayed to your audience in a bid to keep them updated. It equally serves as the best medium for advertising your brand in the 21st century, and perhaps forever.

The Customer is King, Always: Know your customers and learn what they want. This is the secret to turning customer attraction into patronage. Ensure you understand their needs before going back to the drawing board to plan any further. Importantly, you must learn to offer great customer service and ask for constant feedback in return. This helps you understand your customers better and establish a relationship with them. More so, as your customer base expands, so does your enterprise.

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