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No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen when red wine is in the mix. It’s all too easy to spill a drop or two on your sofa, rug, or chairs when hosting guests or even when having a relaxing evening at home. But just because the occasional red wine spill is inevitable, doesn’t mean you have to live with that stain forever. This hacks will help you get rid of red wine stains.

red wine stain

Act fast

This tip is really just the golden rule of all successful stain removal – you’ve got to act fast. The quicker you address the stain, the less chance it has of settling and becoming a permanent mark. To achieve this while avoiding the usual panic when a spill happens at a party, assemble your wine-stain removal kit before your guests arrive and have it handy. That way, you can clean the stain before it settles, all while staying elegantly cool and collected.

Dab the stain, never rub

When, in the heat of the stain-cleaning moment, it may feel necessary to try to rub the affected area, resist the urge! Rubbing wine stains will only deepen the stain into the fibers of the fabric and make it even harder to lift. Instead, use a paper towel to dab as much moisture out of the stain as possible. This isn’t likely to remove the stain completely, but it’s a good start.

Dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide solution

For slightly more severe stains or ones that have dried more, a solution of three parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dish soap works wonders to break up the colour of the red wine, while lifting the stain. This powerful combination has great results for minimal effort. Mix your solution ahead of time, pour on the stain and leave to soak. You may need to reapply the solution a few times before you see results, but if all goes well, the stain should literally just disappear as the solution dries.

White wine

A pinch of white wine can work to dilute the colour of a fresh red wine stain and keep it from setting. If you have nothing else on hand, grab your friend’s white wine, pour it on the red wine stain and start dabbing with a paper towel. You will be amazed at how well the white wine works to clear up the red.

Club soda and salt

Soda and salt are one of the best remedies for a red wine stain, particularly on carpet or rugs. Simply pour a small amount of soda over the stain, then cover the area completely in salt (unrefined salt works best.) Gently press the salt into the fabric and let sit overnight. Remove it in the morning.

By Damilola Faustino

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