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It’s 2022 and thankfully, and rightfully, 4C hair no longer has a bad wrap. 4C hair is beautiful and luscious and honestly just a crown of African glory. Despite its beauty, it can be difficult to manage if you don’t understand the texture and what it needs. 

4C hair is particularly prone to getting split ends. And the honest truth is that you’ll probably never be free of them. This however, doesn’t mean your hair isn’t healthy or any cause for alarm. You just need to be careful with your hair and make sure you stick to a healthy hair routine. 

What are split ends?

Split ends are strands of hair, who as the term suggests, have split in half. If you look at a single strand, at the end, you’ll see that the tip has somehow divided. The ends of your hair are particularly susceptible to splitting because they are the oldest points of your hair, and have reached a certain age. This results in them needing extra care. 

What causes spilt ends?

A number of things cause split ends. We’ll name a few. Needless to say, these are some things that you should avoid. 

  • Colour Treatment

Stripping the hair of its natural colour means that you are also weakening it. Chemicals used to lighten up hair are one of the causes of split ends.

Colour Treatment

  • Excessive exposure to heat

Flat ironing and blow-drying hair can cause damage to the hair shaft hence leading to the split ends. To avoid this, use a silicone based heat protector to coat your hair and protect it from damage. The use of heat should however be limited or avoided.

  • Over manipulation

The way you handle your hair is a key aspect in ensuring that you wade off those split ends. The way you brush, detangle and style your hair matters. Mishandling the hair leads to breaking of the cuticle resulting in split ends.

  • Internal factors

The overall health of your body impacts on the health of your hair. If you are malnourished or dehydrated or protein deficient, your hair too will be weak, leading it to be more prone to split ends.


Here are some crucial steps to preventing split ends and helping you retain length:

  • Be gentle with your hair

Minimize daily manipulation of your hair as it may lead to split ends. Excessive brushing, combing and styling…

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