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By Modupe Lamikanra

With the summer heat, it makes more sense to leave behind the wigs and weaves for protective styles that allow your scalp to breath. Try out any of the styles on this list for some Instagrammable looks for your natural hair:

Box Braids

box braids

This classic can be great way to protect your hair in the summer. Unlike a wig/weave air can get to your scalp allowing it to breath and you can easily oil your scalp each night. Braids can be super fun with a wide range of colours and length to try out. You can go for a black sleek bob or 30-inch blonde micro braids.

Crochet Braids


This can be done instead of box braids, although it does not allow as much freedom with styling as individual braids, it can be better for your hair. It puts tension on cornrows rather than individual bundles of hair. This can also be a tone of fun can of the range it gives you. You could either do small box braids or colorful jumbo twists. With the current trend of the summer being silver jumbo twist.
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Faux Locs

An alternative to real dreads which does not have the consequence of shaving your hair for removal. This can be done two different way either with yarn or braiding hair. Yarn offers more variety when it comes to colors. The best thing about this look is that the messier it gets the more natural it looks. This style has gained a bunch of popularity on Instagram with Rihanna rocking them in her lasts movie, Ocean’s 8.

Check out these styles for rocking your faux Locs:

Head wraps

Summer is head wrap season. These can be a great way to add an exciting print to your outfit. A perfectly tied head wrap is like an art form.

Check out this video on 5 easy headwrap styles:

Twist Outs


This my personal favorite. I normally twist my hair to end my wash day. I use my holy-grail product, Shea-Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I leave the twists in for 2 days and rock a head wrap over my twists. This can give you the perfect afro when you take out the twists.

This can last for a week if done well, the twists will stretch out your hair and prevent shrinkage especially after a fresh wash. For the perfect Twist, out you need to find the best combination of products for your hair.

Here’s a great tutorial:

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