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Okay, we need to get rid of the misconception that you have to starve yourself to achieve your weight loss goal. The logic is simple. If you deprive yourself for too long, you would binge into anything greasy or fattening after a while as your body needs refuelling. When you are eating after a long spell, you stop keeping a track of the calories you are taking in and often end up overeating. So it is more advisable to consume food in small intervals through the day and keep munching into small healthy nibbles in the breaks. Here’s what to do:

Stay hydrated

Start your day with a warm cup of water; if the plain taste of water bores you, you can add a dash of lime and a teaspoon of honey to it. This concoction serves as a great antioxidant boost and also revs up your body’s metabolism naturally. It is important to keep sipping water through the day; at times your body confuses thirst signals with that of hunger. Drinking water or healthy low-calorie beverages like cucumber water or green tea helps prevents cravings.

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast may pave the way for a few extra pounds. Breakfast plays a huge role in kick-starting your metabolism. If you skip your breakfast, you are also more likely to binge on a heavier lunch or brunch later, which may topple your calorie-requirement for the day. Having a protein and fibre-rich breakfast can help you stay satiated for long.

Consume healthy snacks

Ditch refined and fattening snacks and opt for healthy and fibre-rich snacks instead. Consuming nuts, seeds, corns and sprouts in between your meals will help keep you satiated.

Eat more fruits rather the fruit juices

Fruits are full of weight-loss-friendly fibres. Fibres take long to digest, which keeps you full for longer and checks cravings. When you juice fruits, you tend to lose out on a lot of fibres; therefore, it is a good idea to supplement your diet with more whole fruits over fruit juices.

Avoid processed and tinned Foods

Processed foods like pasta and instant noodles may upset digestion and also increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, according to some studies. If you must eat pasta, make sure the flour used for its preparation is of a whole variety.

By Damilola Faustino

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