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These designers where the authority in hip hop gear, but sadly, as time goes on and the world changes, so does clout and brand appeal. Lets take a look at 5 memorable examples.

5. Karl Kani

The hip hop fashion brand by Carl Williams who never studied tailoring or design, but could always device what a dope outfit looks like. Karl Kani is one of those brands that reigned heavy on the baggy T-shirt and baggy jeans culture.

When our favorite rappers where spitting flows in their videos or hanging on street corners in movie appearances, they rocked that Karl Kani which was always visible from its signature italicized font.



For Us, By Us. If you know you know. Fubu was that swag epitome hiphop fashion line. From its fitted hats to denim jackets to boots, Fubu had dope collections for all ages and sizes. Although the brand started as a line of hats, it grew into a prestigious hiphop clothing line and had one of rap music’s pioneers of the generation as an ambassador, LL Cool J.

3. Phatfarm

What’s more hip hop than Russell Simmons? When the bossman of Dej Jam records founded the fashion line Phatfarm, it was bound to be a total hit. Phatfarm gear conspicuously appeared in a great deal of hip hop videos with its signature P and side branches, and that full logo that looks like an hip hop themed American flag. Russell Simmons Phat Fashions Company also gave birth to Baby Phat, with his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons as its boss lady.

2. Ecko

And then there was Ecko. Also known as Ecko Unltd, this urban fashion brand founded by Marc Ecko had its signature Rhino logo emblazoned on the outfits of some of your favorite rap videos and movie scenes. Doubt it? Here’s Omarion ready to rip the dance floor with Marques Houston in the legendary dance flick ‘’You Got Served’’

1. Rocawear

Even Jay Z said it in one of his raps ‘’Rocawear, i’m the young black Ralph Lauren’’. Rocawear was that fashion brand that could go toe to toe with P.Diddy’ Sean John. You could buy a Vibe magazine issue and find as much Rocawear pages as you’d find S.J. A lot of the campaign ads featured Hov himself who co founded the clothing along with his Rocafella Records co founder Damon Dash. At some of their higher points, they called on the delectable force of Naomi Campbell to push their hiphop royalty brand which even branched into other products such as perfumes.

And that’s our top 5. Do you remember any dope fashion labels from the past?