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Mobile phone ownership has grown exponentially in Nigeria in the past decade. According to a 2014 report from the Pew Research Centre, 27% of Nigerians own smartphones, 62% own ordinary phones while 11% have no phones. Hence, mobile phone penetration has significantly increased geometrically.

These phones, whether they are smart or not, serve different hilarious and sometimes unconventional purposes for Nigerians.

  1. Serve as torchlight when there is no power

Torchlight is a very important smartphone feature. It seems this feature was added because the makers are well aware that power is unstable in Nigeria. For this reason, the mobile phone torchlight is highly appreciated by Nigerians. The torchlight is used by everyone, from a market woman to a chief executive and taxi drivers. It will always come handy when power is abruptly interrupted. This is funny because it was never meant to be aggressively used for this purpose.

  1. ‘Lie’ about your location

You have done this before. Yes? Hmmm…phones have made it very easy to lie. Unashamedly, in a commercial bus in Lagos, he will lie that he is close to the location of the meeting. Meanwhile, he’s still in another state. Worse still, some of them are yet to even leave home. Since there is no way you can confirm, you have to be patient and wait for the person.


phone 2


  1. Shouting on the phone

Shouting on the phone is one of the ways you can identify some Nigerians. Although this practice is on the decline, quite a handful of people still do it. They are verbose and disclose their private life on the phone without being worried that they are in public.


phone 1


  1. Serve as a wallet

The back of a phone serves as a safe place to keep money even though only small amounts can be kept there. The reason for this, though far fetched, may be because mobile phones are handheld.

  1. For wooing girls

There are now Facebook and Instagram girlfriends. In other words, virtual girlfriends whom people have never met and are not intending to meet anytime soon. Some of these guys are expert in wooing social media girls but they always freak out or suddenly become tongue-tied when they meet an amiable and stunning lady!

Which user are you


Written by Damilola Faustino ([email protected])


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