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Stomp, push, shove, mush……..f**k BUSH!!! That was one venomously epic attack fired by Eminem to the commander in chief back then in 2004. As most fans and artists know, Slim Shady is not a rapper you pick a fight with, and ambitiously expect to win.  So let’s take a look at 5 times Eminem went HAM (Hard As a Motha) on diss tracks and had everyone shook.

5. The Warning- After Mariah Carey fired shots at Shady in the Obsessed video, claiming he had been running his mouth and telling people they hooked up, Eminem was evidently livid and went to burn holes in his notepad.

His response titled ”The Warning” addressed the Mariah Carey video & the Eminem lookalike portrayed, plus the actual rumors about their brief romance. Of course he slightly warned her then husband Nick Cannon to behave himself as well.

4. Cleaning Out My Closet- It was not the first time Eminem was taking shots at his mom, but this one time was the most brutally heartfelt. On prior albums he had mentioned a few times that his mother was a pyscho and she sued him for 10Million dollars, even though settled with about a few thousands or so.

3. Nail In The Coffin- When Ray Benzino thought it was ok to call Eminem Vanilla Ice, the two MCs ended up exchanging verbal jabs at each other. But as usual Eminem came out on top with the track ”Nail In The Coffin” His punchlines were sharp and well laced. Here’s one;

Real lyricists don’t respect you or take you serious, its not that we don’t like you, we hate you, period

2. Mosh- Of course, the Bush diss. Eminem antagonized George Bush and expressed his distaste for the deployment of American troops to middle eastern zones.

1. BET Cypher 2017- And now the crown jewel. The Trump dissing follow up after the 2016 8 min track titled ‘”Campaign Speech”. Slim Shady has ripped the name of President Donald Trump in this activist style diss verse where he shows support for Colin Kapernick and utter loathing for the American Commander In Chief.

Any other Eminem diss tracks you remember? Slide into the comments below – Remember, comments are visible after approval.

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