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In very many situations we are left to ponder on how so easily one can lose direction. Often times, it gets to a point where we even begin to question ourselves as to whether we had any direction in the first place. This is why people come up with resolutions; a set of important goals, which have over time become a ‘New Year’ ritual. Suggested below are some major resolutions that could keep you on your feet in 2019.

new year resolution

Give Back – We seldom forget that we should remain grateful at all times no matter the situation. Nature alone is enough reason to realize that you are endowed abundantly despite any lingering situation. The idea of giving back transcends money-sharing, there are many ways to give back. Simply by identifying problems and imploring your talents to solve them particularly in places where they are needed the most does the trick. In giving back, we tend to discover an interesting part of ourselves; a more compassionate alter-ego. Additionally, we become filled with a positive mindset that opens doors to receiving more. Learn to give back because like in the words of Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Save More – Often people come up with excuses as to why they cannot save money. There are many ways to do this, and even so many platforms exist today that support automatic savings for as low or as much you can afford. First, you must have a budget and a goal you are saving towards. Your next step should be to establish your priorities so you do not lose focus down the line. Make saving a habit in 2019 and you will see tremendous results.

Invest – Seize every opportunity you have to invest in rewarding, long term financial plans. However, you must understand that you are your greatest asset. Read more books, attend more seminars, develop yourself to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and grow your confidence level. You can never regret any decision you make so long as it entails self-investment or development.

Believe in Something – You cannot move forward if you do not believe in something. If you fall under the category of those who believe in nothing, then it’s time to start believing in something even if it means believing in yourself, or in what you do. Belief tends to provide the right motivation and confidence to needed to persevere on any journey worth embarking upon.

Think Your Way Out – One must understand that innovation drives virtually everything in our world today. Hence, if you cannot think your way out of problems by finding genuine solutions to them, then you will be left behind. Even worse, you risk missing out on your piece of the pie whenever or wherever it is shared.

By Sochima Eze

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