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Ok we are going to be fair. We acknowledge that some videos may not be total copies of some international artist videos and may just be inspired by them, so what we will do  is tell you which video may have just borrowed an idea, and the ones that totally jacked the entire video and just edited it with the face of a Nigerian artist. Cool? Okay let’s go.

5. Small Doctor (This Year) & Sean Paul (We Be Burning)

This one was a blatant copy. The desert scenes and the angle that has Small Doctor in front of the camera with 3 dancers at the far left side is a replica of the exact same scene in Sean Paul’s We Be Burning. But if that does not convince you, then look at the night scene with a truck emitting fire in both videos.

4. Tiwa Savage (Kele Kele) & Rihanna (Rudeboy)

In this case, we can say that Rihanna’s video may have simply inspired the direction of Tiwa’s debut. The tone of the colours used to give that artistic paper marche look are somewhat similar, but if there is one element that looks a little too familiar, it is the visual effect where the dancing girl in Rihanna’s video is split into 3 places. The exact same effect is applied to the dancing guy in Tiwa’s video.


3. Phyno (Ghostmode) & Lil Wayne (John)

This one may have been inspired in theme, but a particular scene was obviously copied from Lil Wayne’s John. The scene featuring Rick Ross in a wheelchair is way too similar to the scene that features Olamide in a mini wheelchair in the video of Phyno’s Ghostmode. Coincidentally (or not) both Rick Ross and Olamide who are in those similar scenes are both the featured artists on both songs.

2. Phyno (Fuwa Sewa) & Snoop Doggg (Drop It Like Its Hot)

This one is an undisputable and unapologetic theft. In this case there is no intention to hide it as the opening of Phyno’s video is the exact same opening of Snoop Dogg’s video where an image is being graffitied on the wall with black spray paint, meanwhile the same image lingers in the similar black and white videos up until the end. Just watch how both videos begin. Its unbelievable.


1. Ice Prince (VIP) & Slaughterhouse (My Life)

And Ice Prince takes the cake. The most severe case of our issue under consideration is this video that not only recreates the Slaughterhouse original video scene by scene but actually may have jacked the footage of the plane scene entirely. The opening scene where the Slaughterhouse member Crooked I transforms an old car into a sleek new whip is the same thing we see Ice Prince do, then it goes along to recreate the Press scene, the airplane scene and everything else the video has to offer. It was a savage cloning process. Do you agree with our list? Because part 2 is coming.

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