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We’ve heard all the stories before. The mega-successful wake up at dawn every day, conquering the world many times over, while everyone else is still fumbling around in the kitchen for a coffee filter. For example, what are successful people doing right before they go to bed? Well, for starters, they’re not binge-watching movies — they’re setting themselves up to have a more productive day. Here are some proven ways to rev up success before catching some sleep:

success key

Strolls by the moonlight

If you’re a busy person who’s always on the go, you can benefit from a similar nighttime stroll. So leave the iPhone at home and focus on relaxing thoughts for a more productive tomorrow.

Literally, unplug

You can avoid the stress of the email inbox by unplugging. Unplug everything besides your alarm clock, and watch the tension recede. Unplugging is also a key to a good night’s sleep.

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is about more than just making your bed. Extensive sleep hygiene routine to ensure extreme slumber include a comfy bed, a relatively cool room, and — most importantly — giving yourself at least an hour to unwind before you actually doze off. No matter how busy your schedule is, prioritise yourself, and avoid burnout by making sure you have enough time to unwind at night.

Read up

Besides the obvious benefit of gaining new knowledge, it’s also a great way to wind down. One study found that reading for just six minutes reduced stress by 68 percent.

Stop mid-sentence

If you’re doing something creative, this is a perfect way to set up a pattern of success. End in the middle of a high note, and you’ll never scramble for new ideas.

By Damilola Faustino

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