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Written by ALex Chijiena

Ladies always want to be all in all for their boyfriend. That may not be possible, but you could come close with these simple traits. Be sure to work them up but don’t be pretentious, if you want him to really love you for the real you:

  1. Open mindedness and inquisitiveness: The girl needs to have an open mind towards things. If she can disagree with you, yet be willing to understand where you’re coming from, she shows that she will be there to support you through the thick and thin. Having just your own personal point of view can chase a guy away as he may see it as you’re just in it for yourself. An open mind also comes with inquisitiveness, which means you should be curious to understand why he does and thinks that way, and it also shows that you are willing to learn.


  1. Be adventurous: Guys like girls that are not too girly; in other words, they are ready to get their polished and colourful nails dirty when the time comes. This is not to say she shouldn’t do things the average girl does, but she should be up for activities that make one sweat and not look fragile. Sports is a very good example as it shows and enhances strength, stamina and courage. So take up a sport and give it your all, if not for the love, then for your health.


  1. Be able to laugh at yourself: A girl who can take a joke is a keeper. She sees the flaws in herself and she does not shy away from it. Rather she embraces it so much that it becomes her weapon…it shows that it takes a long time before you can break her, and guys don’t like girls that cry too easily. Are you babysitting of dating???


  1. Independent: Be independent but not too independent. Guys like to do things for girls, its in our nature. But when a lady can get things done without the guy being present, it shows that she has a mind of her own. So ladies, you don’t have to wait for your other half to come back from work before you change the light bulb or screw in the nail for the wobbly chair; get the ladder, hammer and nail out and… get your polished and colourful nails dirty. This also shows the guy that you can and will survive without him which will make him work more towards keeping you. Also if you act too independent, never asking for his assistance or opinions, then the guy thinks you really don’t need him and may be forced to go the other way. Unless that’s what you want.


  1. A very good massage: Okay, this one goes both ways, but since we’re on the topic of girls we’ll stick to it. Massages help stimulate the senses in the body, relieving stress, aches and pains; letting the blood flow better around the body. Major points to focus on: Head/scalp, back and feet. Massages show that even though you do not have a degree in medicine, you still care about the wellbeing of his body. By running and pressing your fingers around every lump and bump on his body, you get to understand he who is yours, and he gets to feel you caring ever so naturally. Trust me, no guy ever says no to a massage.


So next time you see your partner, welcome him, tell him that you fixed the door handle that fell off and how it took you 3 hours but you succeeded with your super strength. Ask him if he’d like to go play tennis and after that, you both give each other a sensual massage. A very happy ending indeed.

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