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Whether it’s a blind date or you are finally ready to make the move from online conversations to meeting up, there are certain questions that should never be asked on a first date. Here are some of them.

“Why are you single?”

Putting a compliment like “you’re so funny” before asking why your date is single does not take away from the issues with the question. The question implies there is something about your date that has kept potentials away from them. In addition, being single is a stage in life people experience and view differently. Thus, you should not assume your date had a problem being single in the past.

“Can you tell me about yourself?”

This question gives a good number of people anxiety. You do not want to leave your date staring blankly at you for thirty minutes trying to sum up their entire being in a few sentences. Try to ask questions that are more specific.

“How much do you earn?”

Money talk is not necessary on first dates. Do not try to find out how much your date earns or how much your date spent on their outfit. Asides from the nosiness, it gives the impression that you are super materialistic or a snub.

“What is your body count?”

Unless you are asking how many people your date has murdered, avoid talking about body counts. In fact, keep the sexual and sex-related questions away from the first date. You are trying to make your date comfortable around you and this could easily put them off.

“Is this how much you usually eat/drink?”

Excuse you! Rude! This suggests your date is actually eating too much or too little and can easily cause embarrassment. If you are the one paying and you ask this question, it could also be interpreted that you are CHEAP or your ego is just too big.

By: Oshoriame

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