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Cockroaches are probably the most disgusting insects in the world. They can literally take over your home if you are not careful. They fly all over your room and perch on your food and plates. Most people use strong insecticides to get rid of these roaches which can be harmful to the body. Well, you do not need to use insecticides or any other chemicals anymore. We discuss tips on how you can get rid of cockroaches naturally.

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Ensure your room is always clean

Cockroaches love dirty and unkempt environment. That is where they thrive most. Hence, it is likely that cockroaches will take over your room if it is dirty. Your room should always be clean.

Repair leaked pipes

Cockroaches are easily attracted to any water whether it is from leaking pipes or not. That’s why you often find them around your sink. Only a very few cockroaches can survive days without water but can go for months without food.

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Block holes 

They can easily crawl in and out of these holes at liberty. You need to find these holes and block them with toilet rolls.

Freshly peeled lemon

Lemons have anti-pathogenic features that keep cockroaches at bay. This can only work if it is fresh. It can help repel these stubborn and annoying roaches.

Spread coffee grounds in suspected areas

Cockroaches dislike coffee grounds. So, if you are a coffee drinker and you have a cockroach problem, get used coffee bags, open it and spread it in areas where you think they are entering from.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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