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Beyond having the money to fly first class, there are so many perks associated with flying first class. While you’re trying to get to sleep alongside a couple of strangers on many international flights, those at the front are lying on a bed in a private cabin. We highlight reasons to consider flying first class:

flying first class

Less stress

If long lines for security checks and crowds of passengers waiting to board the flight annoy you, a first-class flight will be an enjoyable escape from the stress and inconvenience of air travel. The check-in is faster with priority screening at many airports and priority boarding at the gate.

You do not arrive at your destination exhausted

On a two hour flight this doesn’t make much of a difference, but if you travel halfway around the world you know exactly how it feels to arrive at your destination absolutely exhausted. Instead of being cramped into a small seat with very little leg room, you will have enough space to relax if you fly first class.

Free food and drinks

Many do not necessarily fly because of food. Regardless, it won’t be a bad idea if you are served some nice, tasty meal while flying. So, it’s a pleasurable change to sit in first class and be free to order whatever you want.

Opportunity to work

It depends on your reasons for traveling but having the opportunity to work comfortably can be very valuable for certain travelers. With plenty of space, power outlets, and often free wifi, getting some work done or even planning a meeting while on a flight all of a sudden becomes very easy.

Networking opportunities

For business travelers, a flight can turn into a great opportunity to develop their business network. As a first class or business class passenger, you will often find yourself surrounded by successful business people and can end up having some very interesting conversations.

By Damilola Faustino

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