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Everyone often finds themselves in a phase where they are tempted to go back to their ex or just at least want to keep in touch with them at some point in life. If you’ve ever been truly in love with an ex, then you know what we are talking about. But, going back there may not always be the best option for you, as there are reasons you broke up in the first place. Sometimes, finding the reason for something is one step towards solving it. So here are the possible reasons you are tempted to go back to your ex:

heart break


It’s a game for you. You wonder if you can get him to come back to you at a moment’s notice. You know how to push his buttons and you know what turns him on. It’s not for the right reasons and it’s not a game. Playing with someone else’s feelings is not the thing to do. Men don’t always play games like women tend to. So if you want a challenge, join a sporting or recreational club, and challenge yourself to be a better person than before you met him.


The truth is no one wants to feel alone, and when you have broken up with someone, you can’t sleep, you tend to forget why things were so bad for you both. In your loneliest hours, you will remember the fun times and good times. You will believe that if you two got back together, you could make it work. But the fact is nothing will change.

You feel that it was a mistake

If you said goodbye to him, it was no mistake. There was a reason you gave up on you two. However, when you are alone and everyone else has someone to go out with, you wonder if you made a mistake when you split from him. You look at old photos and find reasons to believe things could have worked out.

No one else can have him

You see that he has begun a new relationship while stalking him on Facebook. So you begin stalking her. Even though you don’t know her, you have formed an opinion of her and it’s not a good one. She doesn’t know him like you do, so there is no way she could make him happy like you used to. It is better you stop this before it begins to affect you.

He is happy without you

How can he look so good and happy while you are still sucking about the end of your beautiful relationship? Sometimes life is not fair. But you crying about it isn’t going to do anything except give you puffy eyes. For him to look good, he is probably spending time on himself instead of wallowing like you are. He’s probably out and about meeting new people instead of being stuck inside. You should do the same.

By Damilola Faustino

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