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You must have observed some Nigerians in suit and tie dragging and contesting for plates to buy food at certain food joints (we don’t call such places restaurants, because duh, this is Naija). It might even be just a small shed, but the foods are flamboyantly displayed to potential customers. You will be wondering why there are so many people swarming to that particular spot like bees. Here are some the reasons why:

mama putt

It is inexpensive

When you compare the food of mama put or a bukka to the fancy restaurants, there is a huge difference when it comes to cost. Mama put is very affordable and inexpensive. That is why you find so many people patronise them.

Kcee and Harrysongz at a Mamaput

Kcee and Harrysongz at a Mamaput

The food is very tasty  

To a very large extent, the mama put food is very tasty. The swallow is out of this world. Just find out from the locals where to find the best mama put restaurant¬†around. In fact, you will lick your plate. They seem to always have the natural mama’s touch, which most men crave for, after eating all the foreign foods for a while.


Gov Fayose at a Mama Put


Variety is the spice of life. The best place you can get food variety is at mama put. From Eba to Eforiro, Edikang ikong and Akpu among others, you will get all of them at mama put.

mama put

The food is plentiful

If you are looking for a place to overfeed yourself, then the place to go is the bukka. This is because their food is always plentiful.



Mama puts of nowadays are very neat and healthy unlike in the past when they are so messed up and dirty.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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