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By Damilola Faustino

It is so easy to purchase motivational books and read and be inspired. The hard part is knowing when to separate someone else’s story from yours. We are all different individuals and what works for one person doesn’t really have to work for another. So, before you pick that motivational book, you should determine the impact of the ones you read previously. Here are reasons why you should stop reading motivational books:


Our mind doesn’t differentiate fiction and real life

Psychological experiments confirm that our minds can’t really tell whether the motivation is actually happening or we are just watching or reading about it. This is why we get so entrenched by a fascinating movie or a good book. Generally, it’s a good thing, but it can turn on you when it comes to motivation.

These books create a false illusion

Some of these books create an illusion and give you a momentum you may be unable to keep up with. For example, the feeling you get when you start eating healthier or doing sports just to drop that the next day. You will feel guilty and disappointed.

There’s nothing new to say

The Internet is an information hub. It is now an essential part of human nature since the useful information has always been important to survival. But now reading the same topic isn’t likely to increase your chances of success, because at least half of them will contain the exact same advice.

No one can do that for you

No matter the number of motivational books you read, it will have little or no impact because you have not changed your mindset. You are not ready to make sacrifices to achieve your dreams and you not even discovered yourself yet. A motivation book can only do as much.

People are making money off of you

Reading and applying these self-help tips isn’t enough. If you want real, lasting change, you need to go to a three-day seminar. You need to sit among thousands of peers who’ve also been reborn into their new life of reckless ambition — passionate people, like you. But you keep spending your hard earned money on these books and the authors are smiling to the bank and you are yet to experience real change.

So yes, these may be great at motivating you, but it is time you set them aside and create your own success story too!

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