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Kene Rapu is an eponymous footwear brand Nigerian

established in 2011.

They major in slides, slippers and the modern-day Havainas style flip flops.

About CEO

Kene Rapu

Creative Director, Kene Rapu is a trained lawyer who moved back to Nigeria in 2011 to attend Law school.

She realized that she wasn’t too keen on Law as a profession

but was more passionate about fashion and the business side of it.


Also, being a savvy female with larger-sized feet,

she noticed a  gap in the market

the true creative emerged and she ended up making a pair of slippers for herself.


At the time she started, it wasn’t fashionable to wear slippers,

most of the slippers I recall were those white and blue flip flops you’d wear to the market or wear in a boarding house.

Well, Kene made herself slippers and so many compliments and requests encouraged her to make a business out of it.

5 Reasons To Purchase Kene Rapu

Durability; You can wear for years

Size inclusive; for larger sized feet like hers

Unisex; The brand caters to both male and female

Fashion-forward; These items could be a fashion statement

Made locally; You don’t have to go abroad to find cute flip flops

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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