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The act of going on a diet usually works in the short term, but rarely lasts. Oftentimes, people gain the weight they lost back soon after “going off” their diet. There are so many reasons why diet fails. We share some of them:


Not considering events in the near future

Before you start dieting, make sure there aren`t any important events approaching in the very near future. It can be anything- work travels, weddings or even an overdue vacation. If you are a student, make sure your exams don`t clash with the period when you are on a diet. The stress of exams plus stress that comes with calorie restriction during dieting will not only mess up your grades but also your mood and brain.

Excessive dieting restriction

Another reason why people quit their diet is that they go too harsh on themselves. They cut huge amounts of calories at once which eventually robs them off all the energy. Reduction in carbohydrates during diet is taken to a whole new level of insanity. Consuming very little to almost zero carbohydrates is a very common error that most people do. Extremely low carbohydrate diets are not for the long haul. Go slow and steady.

The mentality of all or nothing

When people go on a diet, for the first few days, they are very meticulous about their eating. They get into it so hard that eating even a small serving of a dessert or a piece of chocolate makes them feel miserable.  They think they messed it up! What follows after is a binge on these foods. This binge is followed by guilt and feeling of being weak minded and the negative self talk starts. The next vain step includes promising yourself to be stricter which leads to more binges and shame and a vicious cycle is created. Not to mention that some people try to compensate the extra food eaten by over-exercising, fasting or purging, this again, is a mistake.

Not having a supportive environment

Some people are self motivated. They can fight against all the resistance in the way of their goal.  However, there are other people who perform best when they have a support system. This support system may include family, friends or even colleagues. Make sure you stay around such people who support and appreciate your goals of change. Stay away from people who don’t value or ridicule your efforts!

Not preparing in advance

Preparing your meals in advance has many benefits. The best is that you don’t have to think about it when you are hungry. This thinking that is driven by hunger is the cause of all that junk food you order. Not only will the preparation of meals in advance help you track your calories better, it will also keep you from cheating and hunger pangs. A kitchen weighing scale can be a great tool as well. Prepare your meals in advance for the day by waking up early or the night before, it’s your choice.

By Damilola Faustino

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