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By Damilola Faustino

One of the most difficult questions that many prospective employees usually find difficult to answer is “why should we hire you?” And more often than not, this may determine whether you are hired or not. After reading this, you should be able to answer this tricky job interview question:

job interview

  1. “I have passion for the work involved”

No matter the position you are applying for, talk about your passion for that particular position. Ensure you are excited and keep a smile on your face to convey your excitement for the job.

2. “I have the skills and experience for the job”

Review the job description and pick out specific experience you have that qualifies you for the position. Discuss the skills you have with the organization’s needs. If you’re lacking in job experience, give examples from your educational background that show you’re prepared to take on the tasks of the job.

3. “The job corresponds to my career goals”

Describe how this position is related to your career goals, and give specific examples that make it such an attractive position. Talk about your admiration for the organization and your desire to help the company succeed.

4. “I’m a good fit for the organization”

Describe how your work ethic makes you the perfect candidate for the position. Discuss what you know about the company culture and how your personality can help you fit in with the other employees.

5. “I’m ready to assist in solving your company’s problems”

Research is key to a successful interview. Thus, ensure that you know the current challenges the company is facing. Use examples of past achievements to explain to the hiring manager how you can help the organization solve its problems. This demonstrates the value you can bring to the company over other candidates with similar skills.

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