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A belt is important because it is what divides the body into two – Not literally though. But it makes an outfit look good. However, if you wear the belt wrongly, it will simply reflect your poor fashion sense. So here are 5 rules for choosing the right belt:

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Choose the right length

You do not want to use a belt that is too long or too short. Neither is good for you. The right length is the only acceptable one. With the correct belt length, you will be comfortable and project confidence.

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Think of your belt as a piece of jewellery

If you think of your belt as a piece of jewellery, it is easier for you to select a belt. This is because you will be able to match it other accessories in your wardrobe.


Ensure your belt fills the loop or hole

For casual trousers, you need a thick and big belt to fill the holes or loops and when dressing former, you need a thinner belt. You do not use a thick belt for formal wears because the holes will be quite small and even your belt may not fit into the hole.

casual belt

If you are going casual, you don’t need to match

If you are dressing casual, you don’t have to match. For example, if you are wearing white sneakers, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear a white belt. The only thing you should do is to ensure that both shirts and trousers are casual.

belt and shoe

Always match your belt with your shoe

We all know this. Always match your belt with your shoes.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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