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It’s been two weeks without Game of Thrones and now that we’ve all finished re-watching the last two episodes again and again (and again and again), it’s time to accept the truth- it’s not coming back for ANOTHER YEAR.

Before you descend into a Game of Thrones induced depression though, remember that there are actually other shows on television. And while none of them have white walkers, battling bastards, wildfire or semi-acceptable incest, they can at least help us all pass the time till 2017.


 “Of course this guy is a tyrant. Just gauge his poor posture.”

  1. TYRANTThis FX drama is about a fictional country called Abuddin and its various tyrant rulers. Just like GoT it features a constant struggle for power with everybody believing their way is the best and struggling to rule. Its pacing can be a little off at times but it has a plethora of diverse, intriguing characters plus Moran Atias is in it and if nothing else, her gorgeous face will keep you coming back for more.


This picture is literally leaking testosterone. Mmm…”

2. SPARTACUS: If you were really into all the fighting on GoT then you will absolutely LOVE Spartacus. It’s about a free man (Spartacus) who is forced into slavery as a gladiator and the fight scenes are fantastically gory. Plus, the writing is spectacular and the characters drop some truly memorable lines, all delivered in perfectly polished olde English. Also, for those of you who were really into all the boobs in GoT then again, you will absolutely LOVE Spartacus!


They look so calm. You can barely even tell they’ve all murdered people.”

3. VIKINGS: Character development is a major part of GoT (imagine if Arya was still just waving her little sword around) and if that’s one of the things you love most about your shows then you should give Vikings a try. As you might have guessed, it’s a show about Vikings except instead of being senseless savages, they have morals, religion and a (rather bloodthirsty) code of conduct.


This is gorgeous nonchalance at its very finest”

4. ON THE REAL: This new drama focuses on the lives of five young reality stars and what they get up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. And ok, to be honest, there is absolutely no blood shed in this. Or dragons. Or boobs. But there is a struggle for power, fame and glory. And there’s a bunch of pretty good looking guys and babes. And, most importantly, it’s right here on Accelerate so hey, you don’t even have to go that far!


“If you think about it, GoT is literally people fighting to sit in the world most uncomfortable chair…”

5.  GAME OF THRONES: Because when it comes down to it, nothing can really and truly replace Game of Thrones. Cheer yourself up by starting the whole thing all over again. Not only do you get your fix but it could also be your chance to finally learn a few people’s names. Because no, despite it being stuck in your head, that one guy who’s up at The Walls’ name is not ‘the old white guy with the hair’.