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Imagine you have been searching for a job for weeks or months without even getting an invite. Eventually, you receive an invite for an interview and you are so excited that you forgot to prepare. Being ill or poorly prepared for an interview can jeopardise your chances of getting the job. It is, therefore, no gainsaying that preparing for a job is an important step in securing your dream job. Consequently, we share signs that you are unprepared for an interview.


You do not know anything about the company

A company invited you for an interview and you know nothing about them. The least you can do is to visit the website to find out a bit about the business or services they provide. With this, you will not embarrass yourself when you are asked about the company. This is because if you are really interested in working for them, you will do a bit of research about them.

You are unusually nervous

An individual who is nervous cannot hide it. They are always anxious whenever they go for an interview. It is very simple. It is because you are not confident and ill-prepared. There is no way you will be nervous if you are prepared.

You don’t wear correct interview attire

An office is a formal place where serious work is done. So, you have to adorn the correct attire that will send a signal that you are serious. Do not dress as if you are going to a club or party. Men should wear a nice suit or a white shirt and trousers while women should wear a skirt and a non-revealing top. If you don’t have any of this, you are not prepared for the interview.

You didn’t read the job description

Before you go for any interview, you should always read the job description so that you will apprise yourself with what they want. This will prevent you from fumbling when you are asked the reason why you are at the company.

You don’t have a career plan

You should have a career plan that clearly states your interests, values, skills and preferences. If you have your career plan offhand, you should not have any problem answering it. If you do not, it means you are unable to answer one of the simplest interview questions.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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