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Misogyny literally translates into “woman-hater.” Do you know the funny thing? Most times misogynists do not even know that they hate women. Misogyny is typically an unconscious hatred that men form early in life. And yes men tend to take the lead in far-reaching misogynistic movements.  But quite a number of women are misogynists too. So just in case you’re not sure whether you’re a misogynist or not,  here are five signs that show you are:

misogynist Future

1. You’re against Feminism and/or gender equality.

If you find yourself truly passionate about being against feminism, then you’re a misogynist.
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  If you’re constantly fighting people against gender equality, you’re a full-blown misogynist. Because I don’t understand why you would have a problem with women having equal access to rights or opportunities as men.

2. You believe that people who deviate from “the norm” are wrong.

I was having a conversation with someone one day and I mentioned that I didn’t like cooking and he said: “If you don’t like cooking how would you be cooking for your husband?”. When I told him that I would hire someone to cook, he almost passed out. He then started to explain to me that “women are meant to be the ones cooking for their husbands while the husbands provide the money”. I cut him off and told him off instantly, then changed the topic cause I wasn’t about to start dragging with a misogynist. Yes, he’s a misogynist because he believes cooking is the norm for women and anyone who does otherwise is wrong. If you’re a woman and you’re disdainful toward women who are not very feminine, whether it’s because they choose not to be or because they just don’t behave the traditional way, you’re also a misogynist

misogynist statements

3. You believe being a man is your greatest accomplishment.

If you’re more proud of being a man (something you have no control over) than anything else, you should really go out and try to do something worthwhile in your life. And if you’re a woman, and you believe women should respect and acknowledge men simply because they are men, you’re a misogynist too.

4. You’re constantly defending yourself against being called a misogynist.

If you have found yourself having to explain to people why you’re not a misogynist you are probably a misogynist. It’s the same concept of starting a sentence with, “I’m not racist but….” where we can all guarantee that anything following that sentence is, well, racist.

5. You don’t take consent seriously.

Consent is not a joke. No always means no. Period. Also, If you blame rape on anything else but the rapist, you’re a misogynist.

By: Dammy Eneli

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