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Romantic gestures are the easiest ways to win hearts. When you are in love, you will do just about anything sweet and grand to keep the love alive. What better way to show this than romantic gestures? It has surely been proven and tested and these gestures don’t have to cost you anything. “I not romantic,” you say. Who says you have to be? Here are 5 simple romantic gesture for him and her.


Breakfast In Bed

This should be your first thought to food related romantic gestures. This is how it works. Plan a fun filled night out to the club and make sure there are enough drinks and fun to go around. Make sure your partner is at the edge of fun when you both hit the sheets. Wake up early enough to make coffee, fruit salad and toast. With a gentle kiss wake your partner up and BLAM! You have hit the N100million naira love jackpot.

Lovers Having Breakfast in Bed

Cook Together

A couple that cooks together last forever! Take time out to cook together. This brings a certain type of bond and togetherness. You will experience laughter and joy. You will also see sides to your partner you have never seen before. Here is how it works; pick out a recipe you both have never tried. Learn the recipe individually and share the list of ingredients. You can even decide to shop together. Decide whose kitchen to use and get cooking. The only challenge might be the food will never get ready in good time as you both try to figure out what ingredients to go in and when.


Dress Up For Dinner

Who said the venue for dinner dates are mainly outdoors? Hello? Get your spouse all dressed up for a home-cooked romantic dinner. Cook food you both love. The most important part is dressing up. Lit up scented candles. Wear that shirt/dress/jewellery your partner gave you last Christmas/birthday/thanksgiving. Wear a seductive smile. Give hugs and warm touch. Trust me, this is way more romantic than spending so much on an RSVP at Nok.


Feeding Eachother The Whole Meal

This sounds cheesy, but trust me, it is super romantic. This is so cool on a lazy day. If he/she calls you baby, let he/she prove it. Imagine a day when you don’t want to do anything, and your partner does it all without you lifting a muscle…yes, it happens in this part of the world. Imagine feeding her a bowl of her favourite ice cream brand or feeding him his favourite snack. Awww! So sweet.

P.S: Don’t try this when your partner is dead hungry, Ko le work!


Food Gifts

Are you on work leave? Don’t let it go without you taking time out to cook boo a special meal. Send it down to your partner’s workplace with a love note accompanying the meal. This gesture is quite cheap and easy to pull off but trust me, the result will get you a love that cannot be bought.


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Written by Omoefe Ohworakpo

Image Credit: Pinterest, Mercury Press, Fuse via Getty Image, BestPickr