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Written By Damilola Faustino

Spending a lot of time thinking over things, especially when all you want to do is to just stop thinking about them and take action, can be quite frustrating. The feeling of being helpless to your own thoughts can be tough. If you are not careful, you might do yourself more harm than good. Here are the best ways to help you take control and deal with overthinking:

Pay attention to your thoughts

You need to stay aware of your thought process and the direction of your thoughts. Overthinking is usually associated with negative thoughts, so you need to actually talk to yourself and admit the obvious fact that over thinking isn’t fixing the issue. Decide instead to think of the solution rather than dwelling endlessly on the issue. You can also think of and vocalize positive affirmations and beliefs about the issue, alongside talking to someone who can listen and give useful advice.

Allow something distract you

It’s not enough to pay attention to your thoughts and try to talk yourself out of overthinking, you also need to get out and do something to get your mind off the situation. Once you have decided to think of a solution rather than dwell on the issue (so you don’t start overthinking the solution again), you can distract yourself with something you love to do or people you love to be around. You only need to accept beforehand that over thinking wouldn’t solve the problem, so you might as well be happy anyway. You don’t have to feel guilty or bad about it.

Be aware you are overthinking

None of the ways to deal with overthinking will be useful to you if you are not aware of when you are overthinking. You need to first be aware of it and accept that you are over thinking before you can move forward to dealing with it. Don’t make excuses for it; just accept that you are overthinking and deal with it.

Limit your thinking

Know when you have thought long enough about the issue, and when it’s time to move on.

Avoid situations that could lead to overthinking

This can be done based on an understanding of yourself and lessons learned from past experiences. You should be able to identify the situations and people that can potentially give you unrest and cause your mind to think almost endlessly.

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