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With the raging coronavirus pandemic, the possibility of a lockdown in Nigeria can’t be ruled out. This may be done to curtail the spread of the virus. Regardless of whatever happens, you can still keep fit and workout. These tips will help you keep in shape at home.

Woman practising yoga at home standing on a mat on her living room floor while watching and participating in a class

Schedule a time to work out every day

With the newfound challenges of working, eating and doing pretty much everything else from home, scheduling is the key to getting it all in. Working out is no different. The most important thing is to be structured. You need a workout time, so figure out a time each day that’s going to be for your workout and just dedicate that time.

Designate a workout space

In addition to having a set workout time, you also need a place in your home that serves as your personal gym, even if it’s only for the hour or so you’re exercising. That can mean heading out to your garage, but it can also mean setting up an atmosphere that helps you work out anywhere in your home. If you need to, clear out your couch, move a coffee table, light a candle, get the music pumping and workout.

Use your roommate or spouse as a workout buddy

Having an accountability partner ensures that you make it to the gym every day. But when your gym buddy just doesn’t feel like working out in your living room, you may need to rely on the nearest person available to assist in your workout motivation. Working out is always better with a partner.

Find workouts online.

If you need some guidance in formulating your workouts, there are a number of online fitness apps with exercise programs that are easy to follow. There are dozens more that are likely being downloaded as you read this. To avoid having to download (or in some cases pay for) an app, you can find plenty of workouts on YouTube.


Not that this is a novel exercise tip to anyone who’s spent time at the gym, but stretching is especially important when you’re not moving as much as usual. It’s also crucial when experiencing periods of increased stress. It’s so important for keeping muscles long and strong and releasing tension in the body.

By: Damilola Faustino

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