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Written By Damilola Faustino

Fat is simply excess calories stored in the body. But the thing is, fat does not only store calories, but it releases hormones that the body needs to function. As result, fat can influence so many things in our body including appetite, metabolism, bone strength and brain size. Check out surprising facts about body fat you did not know:

Fat loss increases our appetite

Fat produces a hormone called leptin, which travels through our bloodstream and reaches our brain, where it affects our appetite. Normally, we are satiated. We get hungry around mealtimes, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, when we lose fat, we lose leptin (fat produces leptin, so less fat means less leptin). When this happens, our brains react by making us extremely hungry. So, a bit of fat is good.

Fat loss lowers metabolism

Again, when we lose fat, we lose leptin. Leptin produced by fat also allows muscles to function optimally. With less leptin, our muscles become more efficient and reduce our metabolism during exercise.

Fat can divert blood supply to itself

This is actually true! As you gain fat, it sends a signal to our veins that causes new capillaries to go in the direction of fat. These vessels become a supply of nutrients, oxygen, and waste removal that our fat needs to sustain itself.

Fat can be created without any food at all

Stem cells are the multipotent cells in our bodies that can create various tissues depending on the body’s needs. As our bones, muscle, or cartilage wear out, our body uses stem cells to replace them. When our bodies are in need of new fat cells, stem cells will preferentially turn into fat over bone or muscle cells.

Eating too much does not make us fat

Even though overeating and inactivity will certainly help you add weight, fat has many other ways of growing. In this case, hormones play a huge role in weight gain and our fat-burning hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone decrease as we age. As that happens, we gain weight even though we may be eating the same amount as we did before.

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