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By Damilola Faustino

In other climes when you are ill, you go to the hospital for a medical checkup by a qualified doctor. But this is hardly the case for many Nigerians, as we tend to resort to all sorts of shenanigans instead. Although this usually put their lives at risk, they still engage in it. You should stop these unsafe things Nigerians do when they are ill:


They resort to self-medication

Many Nigerians are guilty of this. They result to self-medication. They use all sorts of drugs and herbs without knowing the exact ailment they are attempting to cure. Consequently, they abuse many of these drugs and it is until their health exacerbates before they go to the hospital.

They go to church or mosque instead of the hospital

There are churches and Mosques in almost every corner you turn to in this country. This makes it appear like Nigeria is a religious country. This is perhaps why some people rely on religious leaders to cure them of their illness. They do not use any drugs but expect a miracle to happen. In addition, they drink all sorts of concoction prepared by the so called religious leader turned doctor. It is funny that some Nigerians actually trust their religious leaders than a properly trained doctor. The question is how can you recover from an illness without using recommended drugs?

They declare it as malaria

Even if they are suffering from a serious ailment and are feeling feverish, they declare it as malaria. They begin to use antimalarial drugs for an ailment that is not diagnosed. When they see no improvements, they go to the hospital.

Nigerians become the pharmacist

When you tell someone you are ill, he or she will start recommending drugs you should use. Ridiculously, the ill person buys and use whatever they recommend and they keep jumping from one drug, herbs and concoction to another until get tired.

Some refuse to go to the hospital

You will be shocked that some Nigerians will tell you they hate hospitals. So, where would they go when they are ill? Some stay at home while others go to church.

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