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Arsenal Football Club is one of the biggest English Premier League Clubs in the world. It has won 13 league titles, 12 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 12 FA community shields, and one UEFA Winners Cup.


Despite all these prestigious achievements, Arsenal fans are not happy.  In fact, not even the invincible run of the 2003/2004 season where they garnered 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses inspires these fans. They say it’s past glory.  While some fans have jettisoned their loyalty and moved on to other clubs, others are staying put or stuck. It is Arsenal for life! For these types of fans, these are the things they can totally relate with or understand.

When Arsenal is always knocked out of the UCL by the same club

The efforts of Arsenal is laudable in the UEFA Champions League. However, only Arsenal fans understand that they will be knocked out by Bayern Munich, as usual. They gallantly lost 5 goals to one in their last away game against Bayern and are on the verge of being knocked out. In 2015, Arsenal won 2-0 at home against Bayern but lost 5-1 away to Bayern. The prayer point for Arsenal is that God should deliver them from Bayern Munich.

Arsenal fails to beat a ‘small club’ e.g. Bournemouth

The Arsenal players seem to forget their boots in the dressing room whenever they play a small club. Normally, an Arsenal fan is confident that Arsenal will beat such a small club. However, after 90 minutes, you are very disappointed because your beloved club has spoilt your ticket. This is peculiar with Arsenal.

The club has sworn never to leave 4th position

What is Arsenal’s romance with the fourth position? Even when Arsenal is 1st or 2nd, Arsenal fans are not confident that they will hold down that position till the end of the season. They always return to the 4th. Up till now, there is no explanation for their love of 4. Anyway, it seems the Arsenal board is happy with the position. Ironically, Arsenal fans are morose, sad and unhappy.

Arsene Wenger aka Baba Ijebu refuses to by quality players

Have you ever heard of any coach adding £1 to activate talks to buy prolific striker Luiz Suarez who now plays for Liverpool? Maybe Arsenal fans can provide answers. In his usual style, Wenger prefers to use young, fairly proven and inexperienced players to prosecute matches. But when it comes to buying experience, Oga Wenger will become aloof, stubbornly refusing to buy experience. So, many Arsenal fans support the #WengerOut.

After all your noise, the Arsenal board still supports Arsene Wenger and offers him a new contract

After all, he is helping them save a lot of money, and he qualifies yearly for the Champions League by finishing 4th. So why won’t they offer him a new contract? But can we say Arsenal lacks ambition? 

Written by Damilola Faustino

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