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By Damilola Faustino

Things were so easy in the past when people knew their boundaries and relationships were just simple. But today, everything is much deeper and people are more complicated and people’s boundaries differ. So, what should or shouldn’t you ask your lover before doing while in a relationship? Here they are:


Staying out all night

In case you are out partying all night, then you better do well to call your lover to tell them what you are planning to do. You might get the occasional side-eye for this suspicious behaviour, but it will come off much better than showing up in the morning with the same story.

Volunteering them for favours

The last thing anyone needs is to be volunteered for anything without their consent, even if it is something that they love doing. Therefore, instead of giving a soft yes before checking in with your lover, just relay the question and let them figure out if they are willing to do the favour or not.

Going through their phone

Phone, nowadays is regarded as a personal item; it cannot be shared. If you are going to use your partner’s phone, it’s probably best you inform them before snooping around. By the way, there is no need to be snooping on your partner’s phone, except you  have trust issues.

Meeting With a friend he/she dislikes

If your girlfriend dislikes someone, she won’t be happy seeing you talking to such a person. She probably feels he is a bad influence in your life, and he probably is, but you have known him all your life and learned to live with his faults. However, that does not mean she will too. She probably dislikes them because you always get into trouble when you are hanging out with them. Therefore, when your ‘no-good’ friend is around town visiting, it’s better to let your spouse know you might be hanging out with them at some point.

Spending time with other girls/boys

You have just started dating this amazing girl/boy after months of being single. You probably had a string of people you have been seeing but decided to make this specific person your main gig. It might just be a great idea to inform them when and if you decide to hang out or spend time with other girls or boys. It’s just respectful.

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