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While there are many ways to define a successful career, the path to success is marked by so many ups and downs. Many people have gone where they want to go, and discovering the secrets to re-create such success is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, the hardest part often is knowing what you consider to be a success. Once you know where you are headed, you will discover the path to a successful career. And best of all, the progression will feel natural. Here are tips that will help you succeed.


Know the training and skills you require

People in successful careers have the training and skills needed for the job. This can include formal education, industry and work-related experience and soft skills such as networking and communication skills. You do not need to possess all the training and skills to get started in a successful career; instead, you can invest in your development as you go along. Do your research and map out what you will need to be successful in your career.

Know yourself

Happy workers are more successful in their careers because they love what they are doing, and others respond to their positive energy. Before you chase a career, know what you want and who you are, so that you will feel rewarded for your efforts. While it is tempting to dive straight into a career you find attractive, at first glance, you save more time in the long run if you explore the career choices that will make you happy before deciding.

Be aware of what your boss wants

Rarely is success an individual endeavour. Instead, your success often depends on gaining buy-in from those around you. You need others to want you to be successful; otherwise it will be a fight and people will stand in your way. Know what your boss wants from you and know what your boss wants from his own career. When you know your boss well, you can show your boss that by investing in you and your success, he is also investing in himself and his own success.

Be aware of your company’s values

Organizations all have their own unique culture. To be successful, you need to know the values in which you are trying to succeed. You need to fully understand the shared values and beliefs, even if you want to change. Once you know the organizational culture, you will know if you can succeed and how to be successful.

Know how to prove yourself

Success often breeds additional successes. While you might be among the best, you may not make it to the top if you are the only one who knows this. You need to be able to communicate effectively in order to broadcast your successes so that people will look to you for additional success. When people expect you to be successful, they will support you and feel a sense of fulfillment themselves when you succeed.

By Damilola Faustino

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