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Over the years there have been endless negative reports about Nigeria. Unfortunately, this has damaged the reputation of the country at home and abroad. Consequently, many Nigerians now believe that there is nothing good about their country. This is not true. There are uncountable good things about Nigeria that will never make the front pages of newspapers. In the spirit of democracy day, we share 5 things we love about Nigeria. Tell somebody, to tell somebody that Nigeria is a great nation!


Unity in diversity 

From the north to the south, east and west, there are different ethnic groups that have been cohabiting for years. All the way from independence to military rule and successive civilian administrations, we have been one despite our obvious differences. Although there have been several attempts to divide us, it has been unsuccessful so far.

The Resilience of the people

Anywhere you find a Nigerian outside the shores of this country, we are very hardworking. We give their best and are always outstanding. What about those residing in the country? We work from dusk to dawn to put food on the table. We do this even though the politicians have disappointed us severally. This said,  there are a few who have soiled the name of the country in the mud. This does not take away the fact that we are very hardworking and resilient!

The numerous tourist attractions 

Nigeria is no doubt a beautiful country. Those who travel often can attest to this fact. We are blessed with so many tourist attractions. We have waterfalls, caves, World Heritage Sites, Nok culture, Benin Bronze heads and much more. You just need to explore to experience this beauty.


Nigeria has a very solid cultural background. Perhaps, this is why we are still a bit conservative.  We have, to a very large extent, maintained our ways of life even though everyone seems to be abandoning it.

A whole lot of talented people making the country proud

Nigerians are very creative people and they have won or have been nominated for prestigious international awards in different industries. In music, Olalekan Babalola, a Nigerian jazz percussionist and musician has won two Grammy Awards, the biggest award any musician dreams to win. David Oyelowo was nominated for an OSCAR, for his sterling performance in Selma. Professor Wole Soyinka won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986, the first and only Nigerian to win the price and of course, Chinua Achebe, one of Nigeria’s most creative writers who made the world know that African writers and literature exist. In sports, we have Chioma Ajunwa, the first Nigerian Olympic Gold medalist. The list is endless.


Written By Damilola Faustino

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