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Most people will have mobile phones, identity cards, debit cards and makeup items in their bags. These are important items that you use daily.

However, there are a few little but imperative items that you should have in your bag if you don’t want to have a very frustrating and exasperating day. These items may be easy to ignore, but you would wish you had them during emergencies. Before you find yourself in such a situation, here are items you should have in your bag that are likely to save your day:


Ball point pen

A pen will always come handy any day, anytime. Despite the fact that a pen is inexpensive, you still find persons at the bank requesting pens to fill forms and other paperwork. It is better to always have a pen with you anywhere you go.

car key

Spare car keys

This may sound odd, but it may come in handy. You may think it is unnecessary, but what will you do when you misplace your spare car key? Or worse, you lock your key in your car by mistake. This can disrupt your entire day. But you may not have to break into your own car if you have a spare key in your bag.


A pack of tissue

It is common for Nigerian men to look to any lady and assume they have a tissue in their bag. But, the fact that they are asking the lady for a tissue obviously means everyone needs one. Not just the ladies. So what’s wrong with everyone carrying one? You cannot underrate the magic or power of a tissue paper. You may want to use the loo but there is no tissue paper or water in the toilet. You cannot use your hand. Simply reach for your bag to get your tissue.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from the blazing sun. You can use it when the sun is out. Even if it is not glaringly hot, you should still have it. After all, sunglasses can also pass for fashion.


Extra cash

Not having extra cash in your bag can be very risky. This money will rescue you, especially when the ATM is out of service. Or even those days when you are debited even though the ATM didn’t dispense cash.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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