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Christmas is never complete without a guy in red suits who will fly from the North pole to grant all our Christmas wishes. How we believe this as children.


But does anyone think to question some of these traditions, or are we just too busy stuffing our faces with turkey? Like why does Santa have flying reindeer? And what happens to all those letters children send in the post to him?

Well, we have answered 5 of them so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Who Is Santa?

Santa Claus is a combination of mythological and real figures of myth and history. From the Norse God Odin, pictured often with a long beard and an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir (possibly the inspiration for the reindeer). To the Greek, Christian Bishop Saint Nicholas who made his name by giving gifts to the poor.


How Does Santa Make It To Children Around The World

Well, he probably wouldn’t because it’s physically impossible really. But it’s fun to think about what Santa would have to do to complete his yearly mission. According to Centre for Economics and Business Research, Santa would have to visit over 5,000 houses per second and eat around 1.5 billion calories. No wonder he’s always portrayed as a bit overweight.


Why Kiss Under A Mistletoe 

The magic of mistletoe originates in Celtic legend. The plant is meant to have healing properties, increase fertility and ward off evil spirits. It’s still a bit of a mystery when and how kissing came into it. But it’s reckoned that it was part of a custom to steal a kiss from a woman standing under the mistletoe (though apparently, it was bad luck to refuse).


Where Did The Flying Reindeers Come From?

They’re not in the Bible, nor the Saint Nicolas story. So how on earth have flying reindeer made it into Christmas lore? ‘Santa is a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,’ said anthropologist John Rush. So Santa’s ‘trip’ with flying reindeer might have more literal origins than you thought.

frostfell02What Happens To All The Letters Sent To Santa

Do they just disappear into thin air? Are they thrown away? You can’t help but wonder. The Royal Mail has a specific scheme where they encourage children to send their letters to an actual address. When asked what happened to those letters, they said that a dedicated team sorts through them and ‘forwards onto Santa to read’. They received around 600,000 letters last year, 200,000 more than in 2013.

MANDATORY CREDIT: Fran Veale/Rex Features.   Only for use in story about children's letters to Santa.   Editorial Use Only. No stock, books, advertising or merchandising without photographer's permission.  Mandatory Credit: Photo by Fran Veale/REX (3438884l)  Children's letters to Father Christmas  Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: Hilarious Letters To Santa  Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: Hilarious Letters To Santa    For many families writing a letter to Father Christmas is an annual tradition.     Sometimes the requests are modest; at other times, heartbreaking.    And sometimes they're just downright hilarious.    Irish photographer Fran Veale was granted special access to Santa's Christmas letters; some admit to being naughty, others promise they'll be nice.     One child heartbreakingly asks Father Christmas for a jewellery box for her mum because the robbers took hers and one cheeky chap asks what age Mrs Claus is.     Other highlights include a little girl writing a present list for her baby sister's first Christmas; and another asking Santa to take daddy down the chimney with him.     Mr Veale who lives in Dublin was given access to the GPO (General Post Office) by An Post.    Here they sort all the Christmas letters to Santa and send them on to the North Pole.     All the surnames and addresses were not photographed.     Fran said: "Every year all the letters that are addressed to Santa get sent to the GPO. And from there they are delivered to the North Pole by a special airplane. If the kids send them early enough Santa sends them a reply, so all of these ones would have got a response from Santa."    MUST CREDIT PICTURES TO:  Fran Veale/Rex Features    For more information visit http://www.rexfeatures.com/stacklink/KJMHTMVGL

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