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One thing you always have to try to do is to maximize the quality of your sleep; squeezing as much rest and energy out of every hour in your bed as you can. Of course, there’s no substitute for adequate sleep time, but healthy people know that a few simple actions can ensure they get a good night’s sleep and wake up well-rested in the morning. Here are five things you should do before going to bed:


1. Check your pre-bed diet

You’re not designed to digest and sleep at the same time, so do your best to make sure you either indulge in that heavy dinner early in the night or stick to lighter foods if you’ll be eating later.


2.Set the scene

Your body’s ideal sleeping environment is cool, dark, and quiet, so do your best to eliminate noise and light from your room. If your home is loud at night, use a fan, an air-conditioner, or a white noise app or machine. You can also try earplugs.


3. Power down your gadgets

The blue light emitted by your computer and other gadgets can keep you up, so switch them off a good hour or two before bed. This will also help you clear your head of the day’s concerns before you sleep.



4. Stretch

This is especially important if you spend a good portion of the day hunched over a computer, or otherwise in postures that leave you with a lot of tension.

4. Reflect

Before you go to bed, make time for a little free writing, or simply take a few moments to reflect on the issues you’re facing, the day that’s passed, or your hopes for tomorrow. Or try a simple meditation practice. Whatever method you choose, your goal is to have a clear mind before you settle into bed. Take some time in the evening to work through the day, make lists to do tomorrow and clear your mental desktop of the stuff that you still have to think about.

By: Dammy Eneli

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