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Going on a cruise is an exciting experience. The cool sea breeze, the mix of people and a chance to show off your bikini bod in a bikini. However, if you are a first-timer; it can be a frightful sojourn because you’ll be at sea and therefore, must be prepared. But not to worry, cruise travel is not completely different from air travel. But, there are certain things you should never do on a cruise if you really want to have a thrilling trip:

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Never select your ship based on price alone

So many people will prefer a very cheap and affordable cruise. It is human nature. This can be risky despite the fact that cruise ships may all look somewhat similar when you’re browsing the lines’ websites, but in reality, as with hotels, cruise lines have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, and you have to pick the best one for you. As such, you should look beyond the price and check the facilities on board to ensure they are topnotch.

Don’t book the wrong cabin

Picking a cabin category can be difficult because there are over 20 different sizes and features. So make sure the one you choose is a good match for your own personal cruising style. Lowest-priced cabins, for example, might carry an attractive fare but have inhabitable quarters. If you’re planning on being out and about on the ship and in port for the vast majority of your sailing, though, there’s little point in splurging on a top-tier suite. Consider preferences like size, views and amenities.

Avoid flying to your port of call the day of your cruise

Except you want to miss your cruise, you should never fly to your port of call on the day of your cruise. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to fly two or three days before your cruise so that you can rest and dig out more information about your cruise. Importantly, you being present at the port, will help you prepare and pack without running late.

Don’t leave important items out of your carry-on

If you’re going to let the ship take your bags at the dock and deliver them to your cabin later, you will want to make sure anything you need for those first few hours on board is in your carry-on. Some ships allow passengers to board as early as the late morning, but might not get around to delivering your suitcases until closer to dinnertime, meaning you’ve got hours before you’re reunited with your things. If you plan to spend the first day on board at the pool or the gym, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need with you.

Plan for limited internet access

While internet access at sea has improved in recent years, many cruise ships still charge pricey rates for their satellite-provided Wi-Fi. Plus, service can be erratic when you’re far out at sea or sailing to off-the-path destinations, or frustratingly slow during high-traffic periods when many passengers are competing for limited bandwidth (like during sea days). Overall, you should do well enough, at semi-affordable rates, for low-bandwidth tasks like sending emails, reading news, or scrolling through social media, but expect to pay a premium (if the option is even available) for access strong enough to stream shows on Netflix or talk to your family members at home.

By Damilola Faustino

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