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If you’ve been looking for a job for some time, you’ve probably already seen and applied for job listings that unfortunately concluded being a scam. You must note that not all vacancies are scams. However, have to look out for some certain things that will help you know if it is worth your time.

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No email address is listed

If a job listing contains an email address that is clearly affiliated with the company, you can feel confident that it is a legitimate opportunity. However, many job listings don’t have an email address or a link to the company website. While this alone isn’t reason enough to write off the job listing, when taken along with other red flags, it can be a clear cause for concern.

No particular position is mentioned

Often scam job listings will mention only vague job titles. For example, they might advertise for “office help” or “exciting job opportunity” rather than a specific position. Also, read the entire post, if there is no mention of a specific job or job duties, you’re probably either looking at a job scam or a company that just needs to get a database of resumes.

The pay is excessive

If you see a listing for an entry-level job that claims that you’ll earn a huge amount of money, it’s probably not legitimate. You know the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also, if the pay range for the average job title is N30,000 and the job listing says N200,000, you can be fairly confident that they are looking for people on the lower end of the spectrum.

They ask you to pay before you apply

The truth is anyone offering to employ someone must have the resources to recruit candidates for the position. You know they are not serious if they ask you to pay no matter how small the amount may be. The fact is your money won’t guarantee you the job.

The ad is poorly worded

Most companies have people who write their job listings. These people are native English speakers and aren’t likely to make many mistakes. In fact, it’s likely that the job listing will have been proofread and approved by several people before it’s posted. So, if the text of the ad seems poorly worded or has many typos, it’s probably a scam. If it’s not, then it may not be a company you want to work for.

By Damilola Faustino

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