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Written By Damilola Faustino

You know signs that you have aced an interview. However, there are situations when you have to take the bull by the horn by following up yourself. The problem here is that some job hunters do not actually know how to follow up. With these tips, you do not need to wait for your phone to ring or repeatedly check your email for that congratulatory letter. Read on to know more!

Know the right time to follow up

At the end of the interview, it’s important to ask when the company is planning to make a hiring decision. If they say three days or a week or whenever, use that as a timeline for when you should call them. Don’t call before the time frame elapses. For example, if they said that they will make a decision in three days, call on day fourth. If the employer wasn’t able to give a specific time, then you should follow up in a week.

Resist the urge to call on Monday

Mondays are always the busiest days at most jobs, so don’t call then. Even if they said they would make a decision on Friday, wait until Tuesday to follow up.

Be sure you are qualified for the job

Before you take any action, you should ensure that you are qualified for the job. So, review the interview in your mind, check the requirements for the job and think about all the things that went right during the interview. This should give you a needed confidence boost and make it less likely that you may be wasting your time reaching out to them.

Be careful leaving messages

There are now various platforms for you to leave messages. Thanks to social media, you do not have to rely on making calls alone. This said, it is important that you should be very careful with leaving messages on social media and when calling. You do not just tweet at an organisation asking about an interview. You have lost the chance to be employed. Also, if the message is being taken by an individual, be careful about how much information you give.

Do not over-call

You shouldn’t attempt to make more than two calls. If you don’t get a callback, you should simply assume that you didn’t get the job. Even if the employer never calls you back or if they tell you that they have decided to hire someone else, be professional as possible to let things be.

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