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Those who attend functions, meetings and luncheons always welcome buffet, because they are able to serve themselves their desired quantity of food and in their preferred variety. However, this can sometimes go downward, due to some negative etiquette and public eating habits. If you have a buffet to attend, here’s how to have the best experience possible:

sigsaga-buffet food

Don’t starve yourself before going to the buffet

Meals eaten earlier in the day should be light and moderate. If you are planning to eat a lot at the buffet, you should be hydrated, so drink water beforehand. Proper digestion requires water. Gassy soda drinks or alcohol will not help the buffet adventure.

Take small portions

If the buffet has unlimited refills, as most do, you can always go back. You don’t want to get stuck with a large serving of rice and chicken that doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Importantly, do not be embarrassed to return for more. It is better than having a mountain on your plate which you would probably not finish.

Try to eat slowly and don’t overeat

It may be difficult to eat slowly but you can suffer later if you don’t use a little selectivity and restraint. Taking a probiotic capsule, drinking some herbal tea, or using your favourite digestive aid might be a good idea. Sit still for a moment. Take a few deep breaths and wait at least a minute or two before going back for the refill.

Use a little selectivity

This is the time for a little self-restraint. Try to be aware of which foods are way too high in calories and fat. The challenge is in trying to eat only things that are good for you. When there is a wide selection, you should be able to do it. The “bad” things should at least be in much smaller portions.

Watch the starch.

Dishes like potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread are inexpensive and filling the restaurant hopes you take a lot of these inexpensive dishes so you have less room for the more expensive offerings.

Photo credit: Sigsaga buffet

By Damilola Faustino

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