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Your face is not the only part of your body where acne can pop up. Acne can appear on any part of your body with hair follicles or oil-secreting glands, like your back. Back acne or ‘bacne’ can be very uncomfortable when it pops up. To prevent bacne, here are some tips to live by:

1. Shower after sweat-inducing activities:

Woman exercising

This should honestly go without saying. Do not leave your body sweaty for too long to avoid various types of acne. Shower as soon as possible after any sweat inducing activity. Make sure you take care to wash your back too.

2. Wear clean clothes:


Your clothes can significantly affect your skin. Wearing dirty clothes means you’re exposing your back to sweat, oil and various forms of dirt. These are thing that can trigger bacne. Ladies, make sure you are washing your bras frequently too.

3. Change your sheets regularly:

Your bedsheets need to be changed frequently. If you are spending about 6-8 hours on your bed daily, you should not be changing your sheets monthly. Most experts recommend changing your sheets weekly. Just know the longer you stretch this out, the higher your risk of acne.

4. Wash off Hair Products from your back:

Woman washing hair in shower

If you regularly wash your hair in the shower, make sure you’re washing off your shampoo and conditioners well. A lot of these hair products can clog your pores and linger on your skin after you’ve rinsed them out. Thus, make sure you are not leaving the chemical and oils from your hair products on your back to avoid having back acne. You should also switch to non-comedogenic hair products if you are acne-prone.

5. Exfoliate regularly:

Bacne is more common than you think it is. So, don’t beat yourself up about it when it does happen. Try visiting a dermatologist who can properly diagnose it and prescribe the best remedies to you.

Now, go and confidently wear that backless dress!


By: Oshoriame Egbakhumeh

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