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When it comes to makeup application, there’s nothing worse than messing up your eyeliner. It’s arguably one of the most common beauty products ladies use, so the application should be a pretty straightforward process, but the fact it’s one of the hardest. Here’s how to apply eyeliner like an absolute pro:

smeared makeup

Make sure lids are taut

One of the biggest frustrations when applying liquid or gel eyeliner is dealing with a brush that skips. This happens if your upper eyelid – isn’t perfectly smooth. It helps to hold the outer eye taut and apply the liner from the inner corner straight to the outer corner. By holding the skin taut it makes the drag on the liner super easy.

Try the dot-to-dot method

To use the dot-to-dot method on liquid liners, create a line of dots on the upper lash line that are close to each other and then connect them with a straight line to create the perfect liquid liner.

Smoke it out

This tip is for pencil liners. Sometimes a hard line against your lashes can be too rigid and stark. It can even make your eyes look smaller than they are. To combat this, carefully line your upper lash line and the outer corners of your lower lash line with your pencil, then smoke it by gently rubbing an angled eyeliner or smudge brush back and forth. The result is a soft, gorgeous, smoky eye.

Dull your pencil

It seems counterintuitive, but you don’t want to use a super sharp point. Pencils tend to break off mid-application if they’re too sharp, so gently dull the point on the back of your hand.

Don’t worry about mistakes

If you make a mistake, gently dip the edge of your slanted brush into oil – rose oil and wipe clean to perfection. This is definitely the easiest and quickest solution!