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Getting into a relationship is probably the easy part in a relationship process, keeping it healthy and lasting is definitely the difficult part or more tasking part. Sometimes we feel like the vibe isn’t there anymore or is the person really worth the stress and time and dedication, but trust me if you want to keep a relationship you have to be ready to put in the work.
Here are a few tips I feel would help you in keeping your relationship.
1. Let bygones be bygones. 
Humans generally don’t like to be reminded of their shortcomings or offenses from the past, as this tends to have a negative effect on them, cause clearly they would have felt bad already and probably apologized at that point.
If it’s gone, let it remain in the past. There’s no reason to keep reminding your partner of a mistake made in the past and fill the present with negative energy from the past.
2. Share songs with each other.
This is a very useful tip, and I’ve witnessed it work a lot.
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Share a song that you feel your partner can relate to or it reminds you of him or her. Or maybe the lyrics to a particular song explains what you feel or would like to do to your partner, you could send it and ask him or her to watch out for that part, and whenever your partner listens to the song, they’d be reminded about the love and moments you share.
3. Learn to watch shows and movies together. 
Getting to watch shows and movies together increases the chances of keeping a stronger and healthy relationship with your partner. And also no matter how tempting it is, do not watch a shared show alone.
4. Surprise gifts and outings.  
Learn to share gifts, even without an occasion or festivity. Surprise your partner at work with lunch or pick up your partner from the close of work and take them out for dinner or a movie. These are the kind of things that spice up a relationship and make the bond stronger.
5. Get away. 
Having a little weekend getaway every now and then doesn’t hurt. All you have to do is get a nice place for the weekend, some wine or champagne. This would create and avenue to bond and also have better awesome sex, which is very important in keeping a relationship.

By Muyiwa Aguda

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