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Hey there again everyone. So I have been here to help you all survive Valentines day. We started yesterday with step one: Remain calm… And now I’m sure you have all digested this and are ready for more, so lets move on to the next level of the love day survival tips.

Then for Step Two: Look for the Nearest Exits

I don’t mean for you to literally make a run for it, or bail from what needs to be done. This step is just about knowing your options.

Valentines day is just one day a year and let’s be honest, this is a day for the ladies. So guy’s, use this opportunity to earn those brownie points, you don’t know when you’ll need them.


good boyfriend

“Steal this diamond and she might just let me play FIFA in peace…”


Look around for signs, girls always hint at what they want months before the date, pay attention (yes, I know this information is late, but now you know where to go to get the truth). There is always a restaurant she will like and if you don’t know her that well and want to impress think “classy” and not “expensive”.


taylor swift


If the job is done right, she will expect more of that, so if you break the bank on vals day and go for suya and Coke the following week, you just may find yourself by yourself.

Tune in again tomorrow for more survival tips.