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Sliding into somebody’s DMs is a scary task and it requires confidence. If you’ve confidently slid into someone’s DMs before, lucky you. If you’ve been unlucky, check out below five tips to sliding into someone’s DMs.

sliding into DMs

1. Don’t just start with ‘hey’

Starting a conversation with ‘hey’ is not ground-breaking and it can be very annoying. ‘Hey’ is an easy message to scroll past. You have to find something interesting to say to make it worth their time.

2. Don’t be thirsty

If you’re trying to get someone’s attention, you might consider liking and commenting on a lot of their recent photos…DON’T! It makes you seem like a stalker and a weird person and makes them not want to respond.

3. Be confident

When you’re sliding into someone’s DMs, that you can’t be shy about it. You have to make the bold move and own it. That means you’ve got to be confident about it. You have to keep the conversation moving and don’t wait for the other person to carry the conversation, also, keep it interesting.

Sliding into DMs

4. Don’t be creepy

Don’t use crude language, don’t be gross, and don’t send nude photos of yourself. That’s just the height of creepy and you will be blocked instantly.

5. Don’t Overthink It

People put far too much energy into thinking about what phrase to write, picture to send, or video to share. There is no perfect DM so don’t bother trying to create one. The bottom line is that if someone is interested in you, they will reply to whatever you send. (except it’s creepy), so don’t overthink it.

By: Dammy Eneli

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