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The way I see it… Love is like a game of dice, today you roll double six’s and tomorrow? Well, you never know, do you?

Valentines day is like a double edged sword, on one side you have a partner and have to be sure you have the day sorted out with all the trimmings on lock, or else you may just get a cheap glass of wine in your face.

Then on the other hand you may not have a special someone. You may just have been looking for the right person and found yourself all alone on the one day of the year being coupled up is essential. So now what? Well no matter what side you find yourself, the tips to surviving valentines day are right here. It is important to remember the same things you’re told when you find yourself on fire.


5 Tips to Surviving Valentines day - Step 1


  1. Remain calm
  2. Look for your nearest exits
  3. Keep your head down
  4. Don’t run
  5. Regroup on the outside

Ok, this may not sound right now, but just hear me out. I’m on your side trust me, this is not a love bashing parade. so hear me out over the next few days and you will see what I mean.

So for today, lets dig into Step One: Remain Calm

Most people panic when the time for epic display’s of affection arrive. Those in relationships or trying to be in relationships could go over board. Nothing creeps a girl out more than an over thought out gift (Burgundy trainer’s because she was wearing burgundy on the day they met and his line to get her was “you’ve been running through my mind all day”).



‘What happens when you give girls trainers on Valentine’s day’


Yeah, trainers could be a good idea, but not on Val’s day. Just think about what He/she likes, things that will be useful to them and will always remind her of you. But ensure that if it’s small it better be accompanied by something else. Eg. Perfume with a nice picture of you two doing something fun in a cute picture frame and dinner….presto..smiles.

As for the ladies, yes, we do like gifts. It does not have to be a competition though, just something practical would be nice, a watch, t-shirt, for some guys even a funny mug would cut it… only just though.

Then for the singles, yes remain calm. Love is not contagious and neither is resentment. I have been one to curse all couples around me on Val’s day, but hey, remember that it is not just you that is alone. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Hang out with the other single buds. Sit at the bar and watch the taken ones squirm and compete with every couple around them. Vals day can be fun, so find like minds and make it a fun one.

Stick with us and get the next tip tomorrow.