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If you have been paying attention, then you know we are giving you tips on how to survive valentines days. Well if you are just catching up, then you would have missed the 1st 2 tips.

Check them out on AccelerateTV.com, but here are the tips:

  1. Remain calm
  2. Look for your nearest exits
  3. Keep your head down
  4. Don’t run
  5. Regroup on the outside

Now lets dig in… when caught in a fire the tips are very similar to avoiding a love burn so here is the very next step is here:

Step Three: Keep your head down

In a fire the smoke rises and by staying close to the floor you can get more breathable air. In the valentines season people get volatile and fights break out like wild fire. Keep your head down and do what you normally do. The guy that was your homie yesterday could be throwing a fist at you because you looked at his girl the wrong way.


Sources say this violence was caused by them loving the same girl

Wars have been started because of love, so be careful around the season that was created just for it.

Take things easy and don’t over do things around this time. This is when fires pop up and that girl you like is just waiting to jump your bones or show you the door.

Stay locked on Acceleratetv.com for the final 2 tips

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