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When an African pop duchess gets inducted into the R.O.C, you almost want to quote that Jay-Z line “We are…yeah I said it we are…this is ROC nation…pledge your allegiance” but of course the Illuminati preachers will just come for your head, and Tiwa’s.

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All the same though, the hot new ROC Nation signee is practically management label mates with the likes of Rihanna, J.Cole, DJ Khaled, Rita Ora, Willow Smith, Jay Electronica,

So the next thing we want to see is a hot feature with one these icons…and then some. As D’banj gave us some Big Sean and 2Chains features when he worked with Good Music, here are the jams we project for Tiwa Savage…minus Oga himself sha, because that one’s shakara is too much (Yes we mean Jay Z)

Tiwa Savage ft Rihanna- Kele Kele Love Drunk

A girl power anthem featuring Tiwa and Riri…because when two women have been in abusive relationships, well, there’s bound to be verses and choruses addressing the matter.

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Tiwa Savage ft J.Cole- Abeg Which Way

A socio-politically conscious theme of “Nigeria don tire me’’ where Tiwa sings in fast pidgin rhythm, then J.Cole comes in to complain about the American government and his ex girlfriend who’s father is one of the politicians giving wahala

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Tiwa Savage ft Willlow Smith- If I Wan Kolo

This one is simple na

Tiwa- I have a kid but I can be a rebel….leave me.

Willow- I am a kid and I can be a rebel…leave me.

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Tiwa Savage ft Rita Ora- Savage Aura

A corny love song about oh look ”i’m a bad girl that is falling in love with you”

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Tiwa Savage ft DJ Khaled  and Chef D- I Got The Keys To The City Remix

See what we did there? Tiwa Savage has the song Key to the City and Khaled has I Got the Keys……so………oya enter studio.

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